Bun B Nashville Club Preformance

02 Jul

So after Bun B got done chillin at PK he had to get ready for his performance later that night at The Firm night club. PK was in the building for Bun’s performance, might I add he killed that s***. Any way at the performance Bun B was rocking all the gear he previously bought while he was in PK. Here are some pictures from the performance.Yep , he had on all the Hundreds gear fresh from PK, p.s. He stop singing n everything jus so I could take this pic. LOL You see the Bun B exclusive Hundreds shirt, with the Bun B chain. Very Icy. Dang! His watch was so icy the reflection was caught in the pic!B getting the crowd hype. He still got the PK price tag on his hat lol.

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Posted by on July 2, 2008 in Celeb Appearance


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