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DJ Kids Meal Instore Recap

If you did not come out, or were not able to make it out to the store this past Saurday you missed out on one of the best hip hop events in the storein a while. Dj Kids Meal was ripping it up on tha 1’s and 2’s while local b-boys and b-girls were breaking to Kids Meals wickid tracks. We had all the elements of hip hop during this event. We had Deejaying, Emceeing, Breaking, and Graffiti art. This was just a sick event. I mean I just can’t stress it anymore. So here are some pics from the event, and a video including an interview from Dj Kids Meal is coming soon. Also, big thanks to everyone who attended, Workforce Rebellion, and our guy Kids Meal. Thanks for putting on a great show. p.s. Everyone stay on the lookout for Kids Meal’s new album SECRET RECIPE! IMG_0381IMG_0435IMG_0396 Read the rest of this entry »

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