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Posted by on October 21, 2010 in General


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HEY YOU! This is CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL that can ONLY be viewed by YOU, the dedicated Phatkaps blog viewers and customers. This information is not to be shared with ANYONE! BUT, because we love our customers we will let you in on this little secret. Playcloths sneak peek right here right now. Release date August 21, 2009! BE THERE! FALL 09 FLYERClick here to take a peek… Read the rest of this entry »

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These are some cool little red bats! Playcloths made the perfect accessory for a true kid at heart. I mean everybody played baseball at least once when they were little. We all know that we tried to slide into a base and got that huge grass stain up our side. It’s all good though cause moms always had us in our play clothes! So thanks to Playcloths for bring back some good memories! CHECK IT!IMG_2759IMG_2765CLICK HERE TO Read the rest of this entry »

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This CD is a 4 track mix with the uncensored and radio editions of “Kinda Like A Big Deal” feat. Kanye West, and “I’M Good” feat. Pharrell. This is a cool little teaser for their upcoming cd “Till The Casket Drops”. These are limited edition cd packs that were only sent to the top 20 Playcloths retailers in sets of 20. So after our 20 it will be the last Clipse music “Till The Casket Drops!” DSC09922DSC09928DSC09924

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New Playcloths Jet Set Collection!

YES! YES! YESSS! The Playcloths Jet Set collection is here. This collection includes the dirty duffle bag $190, backpack $170, and other smaller travel assecories includeing a cardholder, wallet, and a keyholder
Senegal 001Senegal 004Senegal 007

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